Jeff Gagnon, founder and CEO of Caribbean Sea Diver obtained his commercial diving license in Vancouver British Colombia in the year 2000 and immediately started to work in the international market of ship maintenance and repair industry. He further developed his knowledge via courses, studies and training, related to complex ship repair jobs. During a period of 9 years he successfully accomplished a large number of successful jobs with various renown commercial diving companies. Caribbean Sea Diver was registered In July 2006 in the Curacao Chamber of commerce. The company is operated with a cooperative advisor and equipments designer and supplier office in Quebec, Canada.


The Caribbean Sea Diver team consists of well-trained and certified commercial divers. Having worked with leading dive companies worldwide and having exchanged a significant amount of knowledge and experience in a large number of challenging jobs, the Caribbean Sea Diver team performs high standard quality work to clients’ expectations.
Caribbean Sea Diver is well known for its efficient and professional approach of complex, demanding underwater assignments.


DNV Gl Certificate 2015Certification Bureau Verita 2015

Certification Lloyd's RegisterCertification ABS


    Vessel underwater cleaning and insert welding repair
    During an underwater inspection of a tanker vessel; Caribbean Sea Diver (CSD) located a hole under the sounding pipe on the flat bottom of the vessel. Arrangements were made with the owner in order to schedule the repair without delaying the vessel. Upon return of the vessel, our specialized technician team installed a cofferdam on the flat bottom in order to prepare an insert plate of 300 mm X 410 mm x 14 mm. simultaneously with the welding repair; the CSD team performed a complete underwater hull cleaning and propeller polish. Within 36 hours the vessel underwater cleaning and insert welding repair was complete and successfully inspected.

    Extensive insert welding repairs with cofferdam
    CSD participated in this elaborate job, with a cooperative oversea office which comprised an underwater inspection and insert repairs on a 190 meter bulker with a large, custom-made cofferdam. The vessel had a corroded area on its hulls, necessitating a cofferdam job. While the technician team designed the cofferdam, CSD also performed a number of smaller jobs, including a crack repair, a full hull cleaning, propeller polish and detailed inspections. The cofferdam was installed and two inserts of resp. 2900 mm x 4200 mm and 300 x 600 mm were successfully installed. The whole operation was finished within 7 days, restricting the vessel’s delay to a minimum.

    Local electric cable installation from the shore to a private island (ca. 500 meters).
    CSD’s specialized technician team first performed an inspection to determine and calculate the exact length of cable needed between the shore and the island, including the depth variation of the sea bottom. With the data obtained from this inspection the cable was ordered. Upon arrival of the electric cable CSD technicians immediately prepared all necessary equipment to pull the cable across the sea, employing a flotation device to maneuver the cable in a straight line to the island. After the cable had been pulled successfully and had reached its desired position, CSD sunk it to the sea bottom, dredged a trench for the cable and secured it with pre-fabricated concrete blocks, to prevent the cable from moving.

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